Interior Design

Staging - Photos

Great staging and photographs can really make your home stand out in the market place. When a potential buyer can create a feeling within the atmosphere or they can see what it may look like when it becomes their home, it really will draw them in to your property.

Dining Room and Kitchen Interior


Using creative writing, signage, social media, mailers and targeted advertising we can make sure your home is seen by the many buyers out there, ready to make an offer. With a little creativity and knowledge of the market, we'll cater to your home selling needs.

Staging & photography


Staging can add a lot of character, life and space to your home just by changing wall colors, fixtures or furniture and decluttering any personal items that don't need to be seen in photos or while conducting showings. We can set up a staging walk-through, where we can talk about what you can do to spruce up your home a bit. This doesn't always mean going out and buying or renting staging materials, we can use things that you already have that might just be hidden away or rearrange furniture to make the space look larger. Sometimes changing out a light fixture or moving a dresser around can make a huge difference.

There are many angles we can go while photographing your home;

  • Aerial Photography & Video

  • 3D Floorplan & Tours

  • Professional Photography

  • Video Walk-Through

  • Twilight Photos

This is where your property stands out the most. People love looking at photos of houses and most of the time will use this as a judge for their decision to move forward with a desired listing. A photo says a million words about a place and we want to make sure your house is represented with its highest vision. We'll take the time to provide professional photography and showcase those most longed for design features, floor plans, upgrades, or amenities.



Marketing really goes hand-in-hand with some great photos and videography we'll put together to highlight your homes features. It takes time and creativity to present your home in it's highest light, so we want to make sure it's seen on a multitude of platforms for high visibility.

In this fast moving market there are a few places we can aim for visibility; one of them being the MLS, Maine Listing Service. This is Maine's central hub for Realtors, buyers and anyone you want to see your home who may have interest in it. Secondly, we can focus on other well-used and well-known home selling sites where a lot of buyers are going to find their perfect home, who are looking from all over the U.S. Third, is social media. This has become a booming and incredible way to market your home with short video clips, blurbs and highlights that really make your home standout. Technology and the internet has helped the housing market, as someone can be sitting on their couch at home relaxing, looking through homes they have interest in buying.